What Is Your Criteria For Truth? 

As a student of Life and of Master David M. Berry, I find that most people who have grown-up in this American Judao-Christian society will explode emotionally when the traditional concepts found in the book called the Holy Bible are questioned.

Today as a result of the Wisdom Teachings of Truth for the new Age of Aquarius, which I have received from Master David M. Berry, a new light of knowledge and understanding has been turned on in me. This knowledge and understanding have enlightened the dark corner of my mind in which my secret enemy had lodged himself to keep me in the darkness of ignorance. (The term "secret enemy" is the scientific name given for each person's low, impure, and destructive thoughts which have become embodied in his personality. We in the Western Hemisphere have traditionally called this force "the devil). Also, I am now able to see one trick that my carnal mind, which scientists call the objective mind, and my total acceptance had played on me. Together they had crystallized my mental reflexes and caused me not to activate-my mind. Thus I did not question my misled concept of the Bible. We do not question that which we totally accept; therefore, we prevent ourselves from acting in a way which would enable us to gain knowledge.

On one hand we accept the fact that books containing instructional or educational information which were written during a past time in history, do contain facts which were true for that time in history. For example, a city telephone directory or a student's chemistry book. Also, they will supply the reader with the information best fitted for that time. We will also agree that this information becomes outdated and questionable. Therefore, at the very least, the books must be brought up-to-date.

Now on the other hand, we have totally accepted the ancient and historical book called the Holy Bible as it was when originally written. Thus, as a result of our total acceptance, we can't see that any portion of it needs change. We refuse to accept the fact that the old concepts in the Bible must be corrected. If they are not updated we will not keep pace with the Universal Law of Evolution, which demands that we improve. The condition of our world clearly shows that we are failing to produce new and improved guidelines for this day and age.

We must realize that all things are constantly changing and becoming new. We ourselves are ever-learning and our learning is always incomplete. Even the "Grand Man" or "Great Universal Principle" called God is an unchangeable-changeable and an immovable-movable. Everything on this physical earth plane of existence exists in periods and cycles. Evolution has brought us to the ending of the Cycle of Religion and to the beginning of the Cycle of Science and Industry.

Since we don't question the Bible we are not qualified to correct and update it. To make matters worse, we don't accept the fact that anyone else has evolved enough to be qualified for this necessary task. Truly, we would be lost in the darkness of ignorance if no one were able to receive the instruction best fitted for the present time.

We must know what is the truth for today! Truth is the right knowledge of reality. Reality is that which we call God or the Cosmic. Reality is the inner source or cause behind all outer being.

Your criteria for truth is the amount of truth which you have within yourself and that depends on your degree of consciousness, self-consciousness or racial-consciousness that you have been able to conform consciously to reality. Your criteria for truth, in other words is your degree of consciousness--your realization and awareness about life.

All that exists is Life and Living It! Life is that which books, the Bible included, teach about. Books are a record of knowledge that people have learned about living life. If we don't have enough consciousness and truth to qualify us to update the Bible and correct that which is untrue for today, then we have defied Evolution. As individuals we have not made enough progress in learning about life and how to live life constructively.

The man called Jesus Christ said, "Marvel not at what I do, the same shall ye do and even greater". His statement is true if we as individuals would keep up in our own evolutionary progress. Evolution will allow us to grow day by day to perfection, The reason we come and go, REINCARNATION, is to learn all there is to know about life and how to live it. If we receive Jesus' true message of justice, human brotherhood, and the sonship which is inherent in every man, then, we too would build Soul quality on that foundation. We can reach those greater heights which Jesus demonstrated and taught.

The Bible itself does not say, "I am truth." Truth is the right knowledge of Reality. The Bible says to the reader, you must know the truth to be freed. In order to know for today we must become conscious of what can be lived today. Observation IS the doorway to Consciousness and consciousness is the doorway to Knowledge. All truth carries proof-for truth is the right knowledge of reality-God-life! Life is real and that which is not real cannot continually be lived. So it is that we often find ourselves barely surviving because of our lack of the truth about the most constructive way to live life.

Earth is the plane of manifestation of that which is created in God's mind. We are to prove what is truth for now. It matters not about what you were in the past or what you have had. It's what you are and what you hold now that counts. The food you ate yesterday will not suffice for today. Nor will yesterday's Bible suffice for today!

We must receive the instruction into our minds and bodies which is best fitted for the present time. If men and women don't exist today who are qualified to manifest the greater heights recorded in the Bible, then, we don't know that the greater heights recorded in the Bible were true. Further, a God who is just could not leave us in the dark when we are so in need of enlightenment today!

The past, present future are now. We must rectify the past and improve the future in the present. We must become witnesses to those God-like men of the Bible, not worshipers of them. We must become as they were--an open book unto themselves.

The cycle of dependency on books is over. We can't get what we need from books. There is a sealed book of knowledge within every man! Our sincere desires must produce from us the necessary action which will in turn produce knowledge of the truth about God within us! The time has come for man to know more about the source of himself!

My teacher was a man who went further than the man Jesus the Christ. Astounding though it may seem to make such a statement! He opened that sealed book of knowledge within himself so that we may read of him. He was and is the perfect example for today! Master David M. Berry was and is a guide and light bearer for others who sincerely seek to know new and improved ways to live life. Master Berry embodied the instruction best fitted for our times. We need only deny ourselves and unite with him and learn of him. Master Berry denied himself, thus mastering the beastly lower limited part of himself, not only in his present cycle of life but also in many cycles past. He became a Master Mind or one who masters matter. Matter is anything that has weight and occupies space. Matter is used to construct a body for the Soul's expression and action on this earth plane. Master Berry qualified himself to teach mind over matter by precept and example. He was and is the instrument of the Cosmic-God in this age of Aquarius. If we accept him and receive his message of Truth, then we will know and understand the instruction best fitted for today and become examples of a new and improved way to live life.

Master Berry's qualifications surpass Jesus in the following way. Jesus taught that you must deny yourself and take up his yoke and follow him but left you to find the method for denying yourself. Master Berry taught and teaches the method for denying yourself based on his knowledge of the purpose of the Garden of Gethsemane, which is that "none are qualified to condemn and few are qualified to help".

The man Jesus had to deny and master his lower nature. In the Garden of Gethsemane he received a new consciousness that enabled him to know and understand why his disciples had been unable to watch with him as he prayed. He had become the "onlooker and not the organ of perception". He had previously been ignorant to the degree that he did not see and accept his disciples as they were, yet imperfect.

The apostle Paul said, "the law has dominion over man for as long as he lives". After Paul had gained control over the laws of matter and form, through a conscious denial of his lower and selfish nature, he was able to instruct his students with this statement, "I beseech ye therefore brethren by the mercies of God, that you present this body as a living sacrifice, wholly and acceptable unto God, which is just your reasonable service".

Master Berry knew and knows that the Soul of Jesus, which is the real immortal source of man, came off the "cross of matter" in the Garden of Gethsemane. Thus he was freed from matter's bound and limits. We too must tread the mental road of Gethsemane to become Masters of matter.

We like sheep have gone astray from our mental homeland, which is the living God of Consciousness within us. Master Berry was and is the good shepherd who showed us that we prefer dead letters and disembodied words. The old concepts and out-dated methods in the Bible cannot confront us as individuals to reflect on our conscience. We ask, what is printer's ink compared with the living words of Truth?

The words that Master David M. Berry spoke a are of consciousness and they are of life. For this cause was he born and came into the world-that we might have Consciousness and Consciousness in abundance, and that we may recall that we are Gods-to-be and that we have been living beneath our privilege, for we don't have to beg God, We must stand up and be Gods.

Aquarius, is an age of Divine Consciousness. This means a conscious awakening for the entire planet we live on. The present age of Aquarius is foretold in the Bible, and is identified as the second coming of Jesus. Aquarius and its changes, have come on our planet like a thief in the night because, many of us are unaware that the trying times in which we live are a result of this new planetary change. Our ignorance, which is characteristic of the Planetary Night causes us not to know about this new planetary change. Our minds have been crystallized, and we have been mentally asleep for over 6,000 years in this Planetary Night.

Planetary Day and Night shows our planet is presently in the dark period called The Planetary Night, which is a time of "knowledge without wisdom", a time of ignorant materialism. The light period known as The Planetary Day is opposite to the Planetary Night and is a time of "Wisdom Knowledge." Some might call this time a "spiritual age". We are headed toward the dawn of that period of enlightenment. Both the Planetary Day and Planetary Night consist of six signs or ages. Each of these planetary signs last for 2,160 years. Therefore, we have 12,960 years of Planetary Day and 12,960 years of Planetary Night.

At the beginning of each new age, new hierarchical Cosmic streams of energy become intermittent in the Earth's atmosphere. As it unites we the people find in that radiation, of unity, the instruction best fitted for these times. Thus, there is brought to birth a new period of discovery for the world. Minds that respond to this radiation are clarified and any opposition within the mental body can no longer imprison them within its rebellious aura.

We have teachers who are emerging from the masses of the people to bring this new consciousness into the minds of those who earnestly and sincerely seek for the true knowledge of God in the new age of Aquarius. Dr. David M. Berry, who has given us this knowledge, is such a teacher. From his teachings we are left without excuse to no longer walk as children of darkness, but instead, as children of light. Awake thou that sleepeth and arise from the dead, and let him give you light.

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