Evolutionary Ladder

At this point in our evolution as so called human beings, we have not yet reached the human kingdom. Let us examine the truth of that statement, and see where we really are. How did we get the name Human? It is because there is the dual aspect in each of us. Our bodies are of the organic matter classification which science gives us. The inner name given us by science is the same as that given to the tiger which is "HU". It represents our objective aspect-the physical body. But we are also represented by the name of "Man" which is the Sanskrit word for "the thinker". Thus, we have man represented in his dual nature as the HU-man. The nature of the "HU" aspect is a brute nature-selfish, unconscious, separative, and to make it precise-beastly. We are as yet unable to produce those fruits of the spirit which are spoken of in the bible. The spirit of which it speaks is consciousness. We must travel up the evolutionary ladder to reach the state of man. The Human Kingdom, the kingdom of which Jesus spoke. Step by step the principle of the Soul is unfolded as we travel up the Evolutionary Ladder.

Number 1: We must be Civilized thereby, stopping the brute nature from fighting and causing chaos. We must establish order within and awaken little by little the human instincts that are found in our Innermost.

Number 2: We must be intelligized- Intelligence will carry one from the beast to a divine being in varying degrees- for that's building Soul quality into the beast. For intelligence is the principle of the Soul from that Manu aspect of our natures. Intelligence gives the ability to learn and to profit from experiences that we might gain comprehension, knowledge and understanding.

Number 3: We need Rationality. It enables one to consciously conform to conditions.

Number 4: We need Reason which is derived from rationalized consciousness. It gives stability and balance to love, hate, fears, etc. Reason will enable you to inwardly conform to outward reality and deal with it unemotionally. The human kingdom that Jesus taught about is the Kingdom of Reason.

The Soul may be likened unto the monarch butterfly. When the consciousness has perfectly unfolded itself in its varying degrees traveling up the evolutionary ladder to:

Number 5:  Divinization.  We would have reached the point in ourselves of freedom-like that butterfly. After his period of inner development in the cocoon. The cocoon stage represents in us the 4th center at the heart where the Nous Atom resides, and represents perfected man. The activation of this energy center gives brain development which would allow the higher dormant faculties to awaken and be placed into operation through Yoga practice.

The article is excerpted from the wisdom teachings of Master Teacher of New Age Truth, Dr. David M. Berry.

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