Individualization is preparation for Unification and Harmonization. "The basis of Man's identity and individuality is the Soul. The body is a transitory condition or expression of the soul's present activity. Therefore, as the activities of the soul change within, so does the body change also." The Soul is so little known and understood in this planetary night of ignorance. But it is the very basis and substance of our existence. Let us define it. "'The soul is a compound individualized self-conscious projection of harmonious vibrations proceeding from the infinite source of all energy, and being therefore eternal." Man know thyself! "Man is the individualized projection of the Great Principle into its own eternal substance. "Proceeding from the Great Principle and indissolubly connected with it, manifesting all its qualities and powers, man is indeed the image and likeness of the absolute we call God. He is co-existent and co-eternal with his father, the Great Principle, Our father the Cosmo-genetic, Creative, Intelligent, Life Principle. A Great Principle is that which:

1. Creates. (Brings things into being)

2. Constitutes

3. Governs

4. Sustains

5. Contains all.

We have named that principle God. It may surprise you to know that the Great Principle did not create this vehicle we call a body; however, it is a fact. The soul creates channels to express its activities through. Our soul (our individuality) is the real creator in us. It is our own personal God. One of the Commandments says: "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. Love the Lord thy God with all your heart soul mind and strength, and your neighbor as yourself." Through its inherent quality of attraction, (love, harmony) it attracts all necessary elements from its surroundings which it needs to construct its vehicle for its own expression. It is what it knows. Intelligence is the principle of the soul. Therefore, our bodies are proof that the soul exists. They model and advertise it. It is the tool of the soul. The soul is never without a body to express itself through, no matter what plane it functions on at a given time, be it physical, mental or spiritual. Man, when we come to know ourselves in totality, we will thus know God. But now, in our present mental states, we see through a glass darkly, for matter is illusionary, owing to the undivided nature of our astral bodies. We see only in part. We are only conscious of the objective reality. The Bible expresses our condition in this way: "We know in part and prophecy in part. But when that which is perfect is come that which is in part will be done away with."

Truly we must get ourselves together. we must be brought back to the oneness; complete and whole. We must return to our self-consciousness through our study and practice of the science of yoga which means union. We must become conscious of our true nature the naturalness of our beings. We must bring that Christ Nature (the True Love Nature) alive in our objective (physical) self through correct application of our will. We must attune our Lucifer minds (objective and analytical) to it and teach it to love.

We have been taught that we can achieve the unity we need in one life time if we aspire to build the bridge to our innermost, and if we will bring those sleeping mind faculties and soul qualities to life in us. We must build self-consciousness into this physical beast body and transform it so that we can live consistently on the soul plane. We cannot take the coarser element of which this body is made to our mental homeland. We must prepare it through conscious evolution to return to our father. For we have been prodigal sons and daughters.

When we have become individualized we will find in ourselves, all we need, just as in God we find all we need. As above, so below, as within so without, for we are microscopic copies of the principle of the Universe we call God, Whatever may be known about God is within man. When we begin to show the true qualities of our ray (when the light of our souls shine through a transparent body) we will be hearing those fruits of the Spirit spoken of in the bible, and we will have reached the status of world soul qualified to teach the world, and therefore very valuable to all of humanity. Our individual character will be ennobled. We can be that Virtuous woman whose price is far above rubies. Or a man as the Master is; a beautifully tuned instrument of the Cosmic, in perfect coordinated co-operation with the purpose of manifestation. That which comes from him are words of consciousness, the continuity of consciousness. And they are life. They are living and dynamic. They come from the soul and they are of life and living it. They awaken the dead (in consciousness). They make alive in consciousness. They are light and enlightenment. So wake thou that sleepeth and let him give you light.

The article is excerpted from the wisdom teachings of Master Teacher of New Age Truth, Dr. David M. Berry.

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