Living Or Dead

Are you living or dead?  A simple question. So simple, it sounds foolish to ask.

Our planet entered the constellation of AQUARIUS, circa 1883-1891 and ushered in the Scientific Age (the Cycle of Science and Industry). Therefore, the answers to any question, situation or condition about life should be intelligently and scientifically approached. First of all, what is life? When some part of your body becomes paralyzed and loses its feeling, we say it's dead. So, life for the body is feeling. This is a fact: undeniable, indisputable and unquestionable. Without feeling your body is in every sense of the word, clinically and literally dead.

Now let us bring out a significant point. It is said that man has five senses. This is false. Your body only has four senses. Feeling is not a sense. It is life as you know it. Now, are you living? Your body certainly is. It is so alive, you've become super sensitive. Everything you do and say is based on the way you feel. How many times have your heard the statement, "I don't know, it depends on how I feel."

Feeling is the dominating factor in our daily activities. Yet, if feeling is life for your body, what is life for you? Or haven't you accepted the fact that your body is not you? Whenever you refer to it, you speak possessively, i.e., my hands, my arms, my head, my body. It belongs to you, but it is not you. M. I. N. D. is MAN.

Life for man is CONSCIOUSNESS or CONSCIOUS MEMORY. That which you cannot become conscious of or can not remember does not exist in you. It is, therefore, dead in you. Without CONSCIOUSNESS, you're dead to KNOWLEDGE. What is CONSCIOUSNESS? It is awareness and realization. When you reach CONSCIOUS REALIZATION, you've reached REALITY, GOD. For GOD is REALI TY. TRUTH is REALITY. LIFE is REALITY.

MAN is alive only in CONSCIOUSNESS. Your body is alive only in FEELING.

George Washington is more alive today than when he was president. How and why? In the minds of the people because there are more people in this country now that when he was in office.

The Apostle Paul called us the "living dead. . .dead while we live." Sounds contradictory? Not after the least scientific examination. For example, consider the husband and wife who sleep together every night. The wife dies over night. The neighbors, knowing they sleep together ask the husband, "What time did your wife die?" If he were not awake or conscious when she died, his only intelligent reply would be: "I don't know." This is evidence that in order to know, one must become CONSCIOUS and speak that one does know and that of which one has become conscious.

Are you alive or just your body? Jesus said that he came that you might have life and life more abundantly. Life for who or what? Life for you or your body. Which life do you think he was referring to?

This article is excerpted from the wisdom teachings of Master Teacher of New Age Truth, Dr. David M. Berry.

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