Man, The Human Tree In God's Forest

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"As above, so below; as within, so without”. 

Our Teacher teaches us that the world is our schoolroom where we come to learn our lessons as to how we can improve the living of our lives. And, if we pay attention, observe and become aware of everything about us, we can come into the knowledge of Truth in order to improve the living of our lives.

Just by observing nature, we can become aware of some very important Truths about life. But because the world is our schoolroom, we must have a teacher who knows about the lessons we need to learn to teach us these lessons, if we desire to improve the living of our lives. "When the student is ready, his teacher will appear."

The Master teaches us that God is dual...He is father-mother God. Therefore, all of creation possesses that duality so that we may know difference in order that we might choose. This duality is necessary to teach us about the difference in God. Everything that has been created has its source within. "As above, so below; as within, so without."

So nature itself is one great big Cosmic allegory-with everything we see objectively having its source in reality.

Everything in the universe exists in periods and cycles. Periods and cycles affect the human forest as the signs and seasons affect the material forest. This is to say that nothing remains the same. Seconds become minutes. Minutes become hours. Hours become days. Days become weeks. Weeks become months. Months become years and so on. Therefore, change is inevitable and a necessary part of the scheme of things.

We as adults were not born adults. There is sufficient scientific proof that we developed from a seed fertilized by male sperm. A number of light and dark periods, we call day and night, eventuated into a nine-month cycle which according to Nature's law is the time required to produce a human off-spring.

We can also accept that any tree that is a part of the material forest was once a seed planted in soil, set in motion until it grew roots, trunk, branches, limbs. In order to develop, the material tree is controlled by periods of light and dark that we most commonly refer to as seasons. Similarly, humans develop a body which includes a trunk, arms, legs, feet, etc. In both the human tree and the material tree there are growth periods which produce various changes in the form and/or structure of the trees.

But the physical body is not man. The Master teaches that Universal Mind (God) individualized himself and shared himself equally with every human being before he was in the earth. Man is made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, if God is Mind, then man must be mind. God in man individualized, we call soul (source). What is the Soul? "Soul is a compound individualized self-conscious projection of harmonious vibrations proceeding from the infinite source of all energy. (The Cosmic Mental Plane) and being therefore eternal, and penetrating into matter, the Soul attracts to itself elements of fire, earth, water, air, to create a vehicle or body" to express itself through. Therefore, the Body is the vehicle created by the Soul-source mind (God) for its expression on this earth plane. The body is the proof of the soul's existence.

On this earth plane, each one of us is born under one of the twelve astrological signs. We ask each other what sign were you born under? The sun down here astrologically speaking remains in each of the twelve signs for one month and travels through all twelve signs in twelve months or one year. And supposedly we attribute certain personality characteristics and traits to people born under each of the twelve signs as the sun, moon and planets exert their influence.

But if we moved these twelve signs all the way in to their source, there it takes the central sun of the universe 2160 years to move from one sign to another with six signs in the day for twelve thousand some odd years of Planetary Day equal to our twelve hour day down here and six signs in the night or twelve thousand some odd years of Planetary Night equal to our twelve hour night down here.

"As above, so below, as within, so without." We know out here that Nature's law requires any fruit tree, no matter how large it may be in the orchard, three years to mature within before it can produce the fruit out of itself.

Man develops in period of every seven years. Every seven years is a cycle which produces certain changes in man's mental and physical development. On any package of seeds we see an image or picture and/or the potentiality of what is in the seed. Once the seeds are put in the soil, the seeds will grow and develop until they have produced everything that is within themselves all the way back to their source, or to seed again.

Six thousand years ago man and everything on the planet entered the Planetary Night (An age of knowledge without wisdom). The Cosmic (God) Soul Source mind in man was put to sleep. Man fell from his mental paradise. He fell into the ignorance of the Planetary Night: a period of mental hibernation. He lost his connection with the Soul Source Mind. Like the prodigal son, he strayed away from his mental homeland.

He lost his sense of direction and his purpose. Now he wonders about this hu-man jungle feeding the beast (this body) through the feelings, passions, emotions and desires of this body. And because we are worshiping this body more than the creator (the Soul Source Mind), Bible prophecy is fulfilling. (Romans 1:19-31)

Every twenty-five thousand years man is allowed a chance during the Cosmic Spring to lift his mind from the state of crystallization and to return to his mental homeland; to return to his Cosmic (God) inheritance. We are now in the midst of the Cosmic Spring-a time for man's mental awakening. It is time as our Master teaches, to get up, line up and stay up, its school time.

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