Soul’s Journey

A Soul's Journey Through Matter

Each of us here on earth has come into this schoolroom to learn the lessons that will bring us to self-conscious unfolding. There is a plan and purpose for our being and existence at this time and in this space. When we have learned our lessons, our stint on this plane will be finished. But, be not deceived, God is not mocked. We will not be released from this charge until we are consciously whole, complete and perfect according to the Divine Law of Life.

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Before incarnating into matter each time, the soul gives us the particular plan and purpose for this earth journey, There is a certain range of experience that the soul is taken through, and the gaining of this experience produces a rounded consciousness. We are guided toward infinity in degrees because of our limited brain capacity. We cannot grasp the totality of the ALL in one cycle of life... Therefore it becomes necessary for souls to put on mortality repeatedly through the ages. The soul, being the basis of man's identity, is eternal but the aggregation of atoms which the soul attracted to formulate its body for expression on this plane is composed of cells (individual tiny lives) which must be led to self-conscious unfolding. For you see all that exists is life and living it. There is no death there is only the illusion which matter creates in these minds. We must bring cosmic consciousness all the way out and down here and establish the kingdom of God and heaven on earth. We live in eternity now! But we are dead to this knowledge. Death is our enemy, but he has become the frequent visitor to humanity. He must be conquered so that we may enjoy our true birthright Eternal life, light, love and harmony.

Let's picture in our mind's eye through that tool of mind, which we call creative imagination...our model soul the CHRIST. The hands on the Cosmic clock point to the AGE OF AQUARIUS which is the cosmic spring for Man (MIND). It is the dawn of a new day. The dark midnight of ignorance is past, and man must awaken to the approaching sunrise. Consider our MASTER SERVANT (model soul) the CHRIST. His voice comes to us in our inner ear as he chants in unison with all the saviors of mankind down through the ages:

"I am a point of light within a greater light. I am a strand of loving energy within the streams of love divine. I am a Point of sacrificial fire, focused within the fiery will of God and thus I stand. I am a way by which man may achieve. I am a source of strength enabling them to stand. I am a beam of light shining upon their way, and thus I stand. Standing thus I revalue and tread the way, the ways of men, and know the ways of God. "THUS I STAND"!!!

 The voices of the whole of humanity are heard in the GREAT INVOCATION. Thought forms rising into the ether; and as their voices rise and search the realm of the hierarchy, Shamballa, the heaven world, it reaches the soul of CHRIST and it draws him closer and closer into earth's atmosphere, down at last into the earthly body.

The article is excerpted from the wisdom teachings of Master Teacher of New Age Truth, Dr. David M. Berry.

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