The Two Selves

Two Selves-new drawing  copy

This illustration is alagorical symbolism for the two natures within man. The Soul (higher self) is represented by the winged creature. The Beast (lower nature) is represented by the attacking creature.

Luke 16:32 states: "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon." Who and what are these two masters? The two masters are nothing but our own two selves: the inner and outer self; the good and evil parts of our nature; or the higher and lower self. So, there are two natures in this one body. You may say, however, "there is but one of me, and yet you may be aware that there are two distinct voices which speak to you which are in opposition to each other. After a certain experience in your life, how many of you have said, "I should have followed my first mind." If the first mind were the one you should have followed, where did the second mind come from?

The most vicious among the cat family is the tiger. The inner or spiritual name of the tiger is HU. When we place MAN after it, we get HU-MAN: the animal man in a body. The word MAN derives from the Sanskrit MANU which means The Thinker. Consequently, HU and MAN together express the dual natures in this one body. We have come to accept that we are human but manifestation is proving that we have not evolved to the degree of excellence to be called human as yet. We are yet the HU-MAN. The animal nature (the brute or beast nature) still controls us through feeling, passion, emotion, desire and impression. The MAN aspect of our nature lies dormant awaiting the day to awaken and to retrieve the body that it (MIND) created for its expression on this earth plane.

CARE is the only thing that differentiates between the four-legged beast in the forest and the two-legged beast in the house (HU-MAN). Self-care is the only thing that will lift our vibration to the realm of human, then to humanitarian, then to God-man or God woman when the SOUL SOURCE MIND of GOD (the SOUL) is in complete control of the body and its elements.

Have you met anyone lately in whom the SOUL or SOURCE MIND of GOD is in complete control of the elements in their body? Has this person demonstrated CARE for him/herself and others in a way that is an example of GOD'S CARE and GOD'S DIVINE LOVE?

What is care? Care is a free and voluntary investment of the will? The will is a free and voluntary action.

When we care about a person or thing, manifestation will prove it through our thoughts, expressions, and actions. No one has to coerce or persuade us because our will is free and no one can control our will. We voluntarily do those things which prove that we CARE about the person or thing.

As long as the animal nature is in control of the form, it is impossible for us to CARE about ourselves or others. As difficult as it may be to accept such a statement, it is true. A beast does not care and cannot care until the nature of that beast has been transformed. Otherwise, the order of the day in the beast kingdom is SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

This is why there must be a distinction between MAN and beast. CARE is that difference. Without care it is impossible to prove that we are human. Without CARE we are subject to depravity, hatred, jealousy and all of the maladies which have affected the society in which we now live such as incest, rape, murder, all kinds of abuse and any acts of inhumanity against man.

What is the key to understanding these two masters then? Difference.

When we can understand the difference between the natures which make up this body, and can learn to control the brute nature in this animal body through the power of mind (mind or over matter) then we are well on the way to understanding who we are in REALITY.

This article is an excerpt from the wisdom teachings presented by Master Teacher of New Age Truth, Dr. David M. Berry.

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