Wake Up Call

Look around you. The only thing certain today is uncertainty. Everything is changing right before our eyes. The job security we thought we had, we don't have it anymore.

The money we thought we could save is quickly slipping through our fingers. There is always one more thing to spend that money on. Everything we eat now seems to have a direct connection with causing cancer. It has been reported in media reports that the sun's rays may be a contributing factor in breaking down the immune system.

Where can we turn? What can we do? Where can we go? Who has the answers for us as perilous times beset us?

One thing is for certain...of all the churches in cities all around the world, whatever is going on, has not helped to deter bloodshed in the streets, nor reduce unemployment, nor ease the hunger pains of little children who waste away for the lack of food. A few are desperately trying to help. But there are other forces at work making things worse.

Today, we need answers! We need solutions! We need to know the causes of these world conditions so that we can work intelligently to overcome them...so that the world can be what it must be if we are to survive. Harmonious!

Dr. D. M. Berry's life was given up in service to humanity. Although he is no longer here in physical form, he left his Cosmic sons and daughters here to witness and share their experiences. The wisdom teachings of New Age Truth can provide you with the cause and solution you need to help yourself, your family and others to mentally digest these conditions, if you would but receive.

Take a chance! Nothing else seems to be working, right? What do you have to lose? You may read something that will change your life forever. The opportunity awaits you.

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