Girls Empowerment Project: “THE ONE"

This group for girls 10-18 years of age was born out of aworkshop hosted by Sr. Jessica Tucker who had been inspired for some time with the idea of presenting activities that uplift and encourage young girls. The October 2016 pilot workshop, attended by girls of different nationalities and backgrounds, centered around a powerful discussion on diversity and how to harmonize with differences. The girls had the opportunity to express and celebrate what makes them different, diverse and worthy of being celebrated. With the success of this event,  the young girls present and their parents, impressed with the constructive value of the workshop, asked when would the next event be presented.  As a result, GIRLS EMPOWERMENT PROECT was initiated with the mission and goal to encourage, to empower, to motivate and to build self-esteem in its participating youth.


The group has conducted a baby clothing drive, a food drive, and hosted a guest speaker and discussion workshop centered on the highly successful and inspirational movie, Hidden Figures, networked and participated with Girls On The Run.

In 2018, the group updated its purpose and was renamed: “The One” celebrating individuality and the responsibility to BE the ONE to make a difference! 

To get involved and to learn more about upcoming events and projects send supervisor and activity coordinator, Jessica Tucker a message on our Contact Us page.

You can also support and encourage the girls in their projects and activities with your tax deductible donation in any amount.


5-19-19 Presenation

Pictured above are Jeyda Durham and Hailey Tucker with parents and Jessica Tucker, group supervisor and activity coordinator. On May 19, 2019, they were both presented special recognition certificates and monetary award for outstanding academic achievement, graduation from the 8th grade and dedicated participation in THE ONE. 

Congratulations Jeyda and Hailey!






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