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Our Founder and Master Teacher, Dr. David M. Berry, is known to many people in many ways. To some he is a doctor, for he has healed bodies and minds down through the years. He is known as Professor, Mastermind, and New Age Teacher, as Elder, Reverend, Brother, Father, and a Wonder Man. In reality, he is an individual, freed from personality. He is the perfect Man. (Perfection begins when the highest form of inherent energy [vital energy] in man dominates. As such he was out here on this plane of manifestation, individualized [in classification]. He proved to be a friend who never failed. He was ever generous with love to all without respect of person. This wise Man went through a greater range of experiences than his fellow man. Through all of these experiences, however, he remained conscious (self-conscious). He lived a life to remember-one which enriched and ennobled his life, and the lives of everyone with whom he came in contact. He was given the Keys to the Kingdom, and the formula for Nature's Master plan for life and living it. His experiences brought him into close inward rapport with his fellow man, for he was able to see and feel what we see and feel. He possessed the special ability to use his environment as teaching material, and in this way, he qualified himself as a great teacher of the Universal Cosmic New Age Truth so that there would be an outward counterpart of the inward Reality-Truth.

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He told us many times of his trip into the Inner Planes of Consciousness, and into the heart of the earth, where he dug the most sought after treasure referred to in Metaphysical books. This treasure lies hidden in the mind field of every man, and when discovered, brings him into the knowledge of his own inner powers, and of the truths about which we have remained ignorant. Dr. Berry's mission on the planet was to issue that wisdom knowledge that he acquired through his many incarnations. Golden pearl drops of wisdom fell from his lips, and wisdom was given him without a measure. He spoke constantly and exclusively of eternal life and living it. His physical body had undergone the necessary state of transformation by the renewing of his mind (for He is a Master Mind), and his body had become a perfectly tuned instrument of the Cosmic (God). He expressed his thoughts on the higher planes and in stronger and higher vibrations than others and was, therefore, more valuable to all humanity. Through his ability of Mind, he was capable of transmuting the coarser elements of which bodies are made into the finer. He embodied the aspiring atom which indeed transmutes the Consciousness into these physical bodies. Therefore, he awakened those who were dead in consciousness to life anew. Being in "perfect coordinated cooperation with the purpose of manifestation," he was used by the Cosmic-God to prove the love (Christ) aspect of himself to all with whom he came in contact. He was a Master Mind-Man with the World Message.

Although he is no longer here in the physical form, his atoms remain embodying his wisdom teachings and his love for all humanity, guiding the many students and seekers of New Age Truth and the True Philosophy of Life as they witness to humanity that "Life can be beautiful once learned how to be lived."

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