Jessica E. Tucker, GEP Coordinator

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Jessica was literally born into New Age Truth of Missouri. Her parents were active members at the time of her birth.

At the young age of 19 she decided to take on the responsibility of her own life and joined the organization for full-fledged membership.

I have had multiple trials and tribulations in her young life, but with the guidance of NAT members she has been able to overcome them.

Currently, Jessica is the coordinator for G.E.P. and most recently appointed the NAT Junior Membership supervisor.  

Professionally, Jessica is a software engineer with MasterCard Corporation.

Jessica says she holds these positions with much pride. “I am grateful and honored to be apart of such an important organized order.” "Beauty is in the Soul.”

Ralph E. Greene, Chairman

Edward L. Brown, President

JoAnn B. Tucker, Vice President

Bonnie M. Harmon-Greene, Treasurer

Leona Thomas, Secretary

Nefertitti Berry, Assistant Treasurer

Osiris Tucker, YIC Coordinator

Donna K. Scott, DMB Scholarship Committee

Jennifer Tucker-Epps, Outreach Programs

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