Nefertitti Berry, Assistant Treasurer

•  Model, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, 

•  Event Coordinator, Public Speaker, Love Angel Advocate,

•  Caregiver, Paralegal Studies

•  Attended Southern Illinois University At Edwardsville, St. Louis Community College

When I first met my favorite teacher, I knew him as Dr. Berry.  I came to know him as Master Berry.  He was a strong man.  A man of his word.  An eagle in motion, full of love and devotion.  He taught public lectures, women classes, men's classes, and private consultations.  Over the years, I observed Master Berry teach by precept and example.  He taught that a seeker is one who seeks to learn and to know.  You cannot rationalize above your environment.  In order to prove yourself to be a student, you must apply what you are taught and allow it to prove itself to you, through you, and by you.  We have two digestive systems, a physical and a mental.  He taught, for example, in your physical digestive system, you cannot eat cabbage greens and vomit up pork chops.  The same rule applies in the mental digestive system. You are only affected by what you receive.  I can say now, since life itself is a learning process, the question is" What have you had?"

Everything happens for a reason.  Everything vibrates.  Keeping one's mind lifted and always keeping a high vibration could be a lifetime learning process in itself.  During my first consultation with Dr. Berry, I told him that my father had been killed recently, and I was worried about him.  My father was an alcoholic.  [My father was also a hero.  He had previously risked his life to save a co-worker in a work fire, and had received some burns during the process.]  My family had a Baptist religious background that taught one must have religion and be baptized.  My father had not accomplished it.  I wanted to know if my father was okay. 

Dr. Berry read to me about energy, the different levels of energy, including the soul.  He read the soul is indestructible, therefore eternal.  The soul cannot die nor can it be lost.  He also shared with me about the body being mostly water and how it related to baptism.  That process is already done.  My mother had accomplished the Baptist religious requirements, and had begun to teach us for years that you do not have to go to church to serve God.  My mother's teachings and my inner desire to know about my soul helped prepare me to receive the information that Dr. Berry shared with me in that consultation.  Dr. Berry freed me regarding my father by making me aware of the information he shared with me about the scientific process of life.  Dr. Berry observed the immediate difference in me, and my vibration that proved I had received the information in a beneficial way, and he made me aware that he knew.  It was a remarkable experience.   I thanked him.

My first consultation with Dr. Berry enlightened my mind, changed my vibration, helped me improve my relationship with my parents, and opened the door for me to begin establishing an unusual relationship with myself over the years called individualization.  I have been a member of The New Age Truth Organization for several years, and actively involved in various programs.  Although I have some college education, accomplishments, and professional experience, my greatest and most fulfilling accomplishments, and awards have been through nature as a student with Master Berry's guidance.  I know I am real.  I know my teacher is real.  I know that life is real.  If you are a seeker, I invite you to experience the same.

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