Osiris Tucker, YIC Coordinator

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A graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in English Literature, has worked for the United States Department of the Treasury for over twenty years. He has served as the Director of Communications for Care Neighborhood Redevelopment Corporation. Osiris has taught part-time in the Illinois school systems for over nineteen years and currently serves as senior advisor and coordinator for New Age Truth of Missouri’s Youth Improvement Club (YIC).  Mr. Tucker is and has been serious and enthusiastic student of metaphysics and the true philosophy of life and living it for over seventeen years and a member of New Age Truth of Missouri.  His zeal to discover constructive alternatives for improved healthy living led him to an eleven-year study of the life-enhancing and life-sustaining properties and benefits of Micro-Alkaline Living Water.  And now, the organization’s members have been avid consumers of alkaline water for over ten years.

Bro. Osiris says, “The greatest knowledge one can ever acquire is knowledge of one's own TRUE self. Such knowledge is the only way total freedom can ever be achieved.

As senior advisor of New Age Truth's Youth Improvement Club since 2001, I have had the honor and privilege of using the invaluable knowledge I've gained in, through and by the wise instruction of our Founder and Master Teacher, Dr. David M. Berry, to assist our precious Youth in acquiring knowledge of their true selves.

Parallel with my teacher, my life's work is in transforming conditions that are destructive to me and helping those "willing" individuals to do the same.

My earliest recollection of Master Berry was at about nine years of age. I can recall seeing his form and receiving his harmonious and loving vibration. I recall actually listening to and receiving his teachings at about age twelve. Some of the greatest impressions he made on me at that age was when I heard him declare, "I don't care if they brought you over here by your big toe. Be grateful you're here. Get busy learning your purpose for being here." "Manifestation is the universal law that brings the invisible into visibility."

I recall Master Berry teaching about the Soul which is the constructive principle in us and how urgent is is to learn how to give the Soul total control and mastership over Self (Secret Enemy/Lower Nature) which is the destructive principle in us.

Master Berry's teachings are as integral to our non-physical being as oxygen is to our physical being. The transformation of our "global" condition relies on receiving his wise instruction.  Love and Harmony.


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